Grief Support Services

Helping Your Family Cope in a Time of Grief

Helping in Your Time of Grief DecorativeGrief is a normal response to any loss, affecting the grieving person physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You may have heard others say “just give it time and you will eventually feel better”. Time is necessary to the healing process, but it is only one aspect of effective grieving. In addition to taking time, grief requires intentional “work” by the bereaved in order to achieve a healthy outcome from the process. Similar to someone taking action to seek medical help to heal an injury, the bereaved must take action to move through grief.

Counseling and Bereavement Services

In your time of grief, counseling is important in helping you to come to terms with the passing of a loved one. Andrett Funeral Home staff can recommend and connect families with trusting and caring grief counseling services in our area and around the nation. Well trained and compassionate, the counseling groups we work with are there in your time of need.

Our Funeral Directors

The funeral director is responsible for ensuring that your family’s needs are taken care of during your time of grief.

At Andrett Funeral Home, we recognize that funeral service is a calling with great responsibilities, demanding the highest professional standards, with all whom we are called to serve.