Plan Ahead

Provide Peace of Mind for Your Family

Planning for the future is important.
Today, more people recognize that planning ahead provides peace of mind and demonstrates love and consideration for their families.

Reduce Stress and Uncertainty

Preplanning is a thoughtful decision that helps reduce the stress of indecision and uncertainty when a death occurs. A carefully preplanned service can be the most comforting to your family as it spares them from having to face decisions that can be both emotionally and financially difficult at the time of death. It can give them lasting peace of mind to know that they have acted in accordance with your wishes.

Personalized Service

Advanced Planning also gives you the opportunity for the design of a personalized service. When someone dies, their family is sometimes surprised and comforted by the number of people who attend the funeral.

It is an inspiration to see at the end of someone’s life the countless number of lives they have touched. That is why we believe with proper planning, a funeral can be a time to grieve, to share and to remember. Advanced Planning can be discussed at any age and plans can be easily amended as your preferences or circumstances change.

Personal Guidance

At Andrett Funeral Home, our directors are personally involved with each pre-arrangement. When allowing us to discuss pre-planning, you will be speaking with professional people who provide funeral services tailored to your specific needs. We can arrange for a confidential PrePlan conference, at your convenience, with a member of our staff. There is no charge and no obligation for this meeting.

PrePlan allows you to make all of your final arrangements ahead of time -including payment – so that the people who love you won’t have to. PrePlan makes preplanning simple and safe.

This is how it works:

  • You meet with our funeral director.
  • You select the funeral and merchandise of your choice.
  • You receive a fully itemized statement and preneed agreement.
  • You give the funeral director a check payable to PrePlan.
  • PrePlan funds are placed in FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit held in a New York financial institution. Each trust fund depositor is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • You receive a deposit acknowledgment after the account has been opened.
  • Upon completion of your funeral, PrePlan sends the payment to the funeral director.

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10 Reasons To Plan

  1. Guaranteed Price
    All funeral home service charges, livery and merchandise items are price guaranteed as per the terms of the New York PRE PLAN contract.
  2. Security
    New York State Law requires 100% of your money be deposited in a special trust fund. All accounts are fully insured to the extent permitted by law by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
  3. Convenience
    You can make preneed funeral arrangements in our funeral home or in the comfort, privacy and security of your own home. Flexible financing – up to 36 months – without finance charges.
  4. Substantial Savings
    You decide now what type of arrangements you want and how much you want to spend… at a time when decisions will be made calmly and intelligently.
  5. Transferability
    In the event you move from our neighborhood, your preneed funeral contract is transferable to any of our worldwide affiliated funeral homes.
  6. Modification
    You can modify your preneed funeral contract at any time … without penalty.
  7. No Health or Age Restrictions
    Our preneed program is not insurance funded. You can participate in this program regardless of your age or health status.
  8. Our dedicated Pre-need counselors
    Our professional counselors are dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of preneed families … we will explain all of your options and benefits in a relaxed, stress-free environment.
  9. Eliminate Doubts
    Spare your family the emotional stress of making decisions during a difficult time. A preneed funeral arrangement records your exact wishes – consider it the final gift for those you love.
  10. Peace of Mind
    Responsible estate planning requires many considerations. Life insurance proceeds provide supplemental survivor income and may be necessary for unpaid medical and legal expenses. Your Will distributes your estate according to your instructions. A preneed funeral contract offers your family inflation protection. Also, you’ll be secure in knowing that you have spared your loved ones added stress, worry, anxiety and expense by prearranging your funeral in writing.


The people who love you will be there for you to the end. Here’s a way to make it easier on them. With PrePlan, you can arrange and pay for the funeral that someone is going to have to plan and pay for.

PrePlan makes it easier on the people who love you. Thousands have relied on PrePlan since its inception in 1988. PrePlan assures choice, confidence, comfort and convenience, with the safety and the peace of mind to know that your investment is safe in FDIC insured securities.

New York PrePlan™ Features:

  • Your account is administered by the New York State Funeral Directors Association and supervised by the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Funeral Directing.
  • An individual account is held in the purchaser’s name, and insured by the FDIC.
  • Revocable contracts are fully refundable to purchaser with all accrued interest.
  • Irrevocable contracts can be written to comply with NY State regulations regarding SSI/Medicaid eligibility.
  • Irrevocable contracts can be transferred to any funeral provider in the USA.
  • PrePlan prices are guaranteed if the contract has been paid in full (excluding cash advance items). The PrePlan™ account earns a very competitive rate of interest which enables us to guarantee the price of a funeral by using the interest to cover future increases in our costs.