Concierge Services

Helping You Find Local Amenities and Attractions

In a Manhattan enclave as celebrated and loved for its history, our funeral directors make every effort to supply friends and family that visit our facility with the chance to fully experience the neighborhood.

We can help you with:

  • Finding Restaurants and Making Reservations
  • Suggesting Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Floral Recommendations
  • Convenient Parking
  • Hotels
  • Transportation Arrangements

Dining Options in the Area

Services are often followed-by a simple lunch or a quiet family dinner in one of the countless neighborhood restaurants. Our staff is familiar with many restaurant owners, the layout of restaurants in the village, and can suggest appropriate places based on cost, size, or type of food.
Additionally, friends coming in from out-of-town or in need of a quick break can visit one of many coffee shops just steps from our entrance.


We can assist by suggesting the nearest, most reasonably-priced and secure parking garages to park your vehicle during your visit with us. Contact our facility as soon as possible for directions. This will allow you to plan more comfortably.

Local Florist

Floral expressions of sympathy can be easily ordered through our staff. We work directly with some of Manhattan’s most proficient floral experts. Whatever your style, we can suggest and order the appropriate floral piece for your friend or loved one. It’s a simple phone call to our staff.

Contact Us for more information on any of the concierge-type services we provide, directions to our facilities and parking information.